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We provide a wide variety of security guard services in Northern Virginia. Our services range from commercial security, event security, construction security, and fire watch to residential security, and transient patrol.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Security Services in Virginia

Ironwatch Security is a responsive and customer-focused security provider serving commercial, retail and residential clients in Northern Virginia. We focus on delivering elite security services, while establishing personal connections with our clients and promptly addressing concerns.

Everyone from employees to visitors at your location have the right to feel safe and secure. That’s why Ironwatch Security provides top-level professional security services to office buildings, hotels, shopping centers and any other commercial properties in Northern Virginia.

The presence of a security guard can act as a deterrent to potential criminals, helping to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place. We’ve trained our expert security officers to observe and report any potential issues they notice while on patrol at your location in Northern Virginia. These incident reports, which includes how we address the problem, go directly to you via our cutting-edge reporting application, Connecteam, in real time.

Ironwatch Security is committed to helping you host safe and secure events. Our expert team will be onsite to ensure the safety of your attendees, staff and participants, as well as to maintain crowd control and prevent unexpected incidents like violence or unauthorized access. You can count on us to create a secure environment so attendees can fully enjoy the event without worrying about their safety!

We offer critical fire watch services to promote fire prevention and safety at your location. If your fire alarms or sprinkler systems are temporarily out of order, count on us to provide 24/7 fire watch service to detect any fire hazards and respond to them. We ensure compliance with all fire safety regulations and monitor hot work activities. We’ll help you safeguard lives and property in a secure environment whenever your systems aren’t fully operational.

Our expert security pros specialize in residential security to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors. We’ll monitor entrances, conduct regular patrols, monitor surveillance cameras, enforce rules and deter criminal activities – and then respond quickly to disturbances and emergencies. With Ironwatch Security, clients know exactly what to expect at all times: a safe living environment, professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

We offer a variety of different patrol methods and services to ensure the safety of everyone at your location. Officers can conduct both foot and vehicle patrols on a regular or irregular basis to ensure that any defects inside and outside the perimeter are noted and reported in a timely manner.

Our Capabilities

Diverse Security Solutions Customized to Your Northern Virginia Business

Onsite Guards

Let our security officers provide a reliable and security presence for your premises. We’ll station our unarmed or armed guards onsite, to safeguard your personnel and property and deter potential threats. Enjoy a sense of security and peace of mind, as our guards provide proactive, effective services at your commercial location, residential complex or event venue.

Fire Watch

Our fire watch services provide essential fire prevention and safety measures. If your fire alarms or sprinkler systems are temporarily unavailable, our 24/7 service detects and responds to potential fire hazards. We ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and monitor hot work activities, safeguarding lives and property during system downtime.

Random Inspections

Our Virginia security firm can perform random inspection services to give your location an extra layer of protection. With unannounced inspections, our trained professionals help ensure compliance with security protocols and identify vulnerabilities. This service helps you deter threats and maintain high levels of security standards.

Risk Assessment

We start our relationship with you by doing an initial risk assessment to identify any vulnerabilities inherent in your location or environment. Our team analyzes your physical layout, existing security measures and procedures. Then, we give you expert recommendations for a security services plan to minimize risk, and ensure a safer, more secure environment.

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Ironwatch Security is dedicated and committed to delivering high-quality security guard services to our clients in commercial, retail, and residential locations in Northern Virginia.

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Ironwatch Security provides comprehensive security solutions for people’s safety, and to safeguard business assets and sensitive information. Whether you need security for your commercial establishment, industrial complex, retail store, event venue, financial institution, car dealership or apartment complex, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. Schedule a thorough risk assessment of your organization to customize our security services to your needs. Simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch soon to get you started!