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Everyone from employees to visitors at your location have the right to feel safe and secure. That’s why Ironwatch Security provides top-level professional security services to office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and any other commercial properties in Northern Virginia.

The presence of a security guard can act as a deterrent to potential criminals, helping to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place. We’ve trained our expert security officers to observe and report any potential issues they notice while on patrol at your location in Northern Virginia. These incident reports, which include how we address the problem, go directly to you via our cutting-edge reporting application, Connecteam, in real time.

Ironwatch Security is committed to helping you host safe and secure events. Our expert team will be onsite to ensure the safety of your attendees, staff and participants, as well as to maintain crowd control and prevent unexpected incidents like violence or unauthorized access. You can count on us to create a secure environment inside your Northern Virginia venue so attendees can fully enjoy the event without worrying about their safety!

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Ironwatch Security offers a wide range of security solutions to safeguard your assets and personal safety. Whether you need protection for your home, business or require other security measures, we have you covered. We’ll start by performing a thorough risk assessment on your Northern Virginia business or residential location to determine exactly what security services you require. To begin, just fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to you shortly!

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    Ironwatch Security is a responsive, trusted and client-focused security provider serving commercial, retail and residential clients in Northern Virginia.

    We’ve built a team of security pros, including firefighters and EMTs, with extensive backgrounds in fire, safety and rescue, to provide our professional security services. We provide top-notch, ongoing training for our security officers. Our experts use Connecteam technology to report incidents, issues and resolutions in real time, so you’re always in the loop.

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    Ironwatch Security’s dedicated management team is readily accessible and committed to delivering high-quality security guard services to our clients in commercial, retail and residential locations in Northern Virginia. We’ve invested in advanced technology so that our security officers are equipped with the tools to deliver you accurate, timely reporting on incidents at your location. We also prioritize collaboration with local law enforcement and fire and rescue services to swiftly and safely address any potential risks you face. With continuous on-the-job training and tailored client-focused programs, we strive to meet your unique security requirements.

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    We’re proud to provide professional safety and security services to commercial, hospitality, retail, industrial, warehouse, and residential locations across Virginia. We train our security professionals to identify and respond to potential safety hazards, and assist in emergency situations. If you want to provide a secure environment to your employees, customers and visitors, we’ve got you covered. Get started with a free risk assessment so we can map out your exact requirements!

    Office Buildings

    Our professional security team is dedicated to creating a safe, secure environment for your employees, visitors and clients by preventing unauthorized access, monitoring surveillance systems, deterring potential threats and quickly responding to emergencies. We safeguard your valuable physical assets, from expensive equipment to confidential documents. When you have a professional security service in place, you’ll boost employee morale, protect company property and data, and mitigate risks.


    It’s vital for hospitality locations to prioritize the safety of guests and staff, while protecting hotel property. Ironwatch Security’s onsite staff helps you prevent theft and vandalism, maintain order on your premises, as well as protect valuable assets. We’re committed to quickly responding to emergencies and addressing any liability concerns. Our service helps increase guest satisfaction and boosts your reputation in the competitive Northern Virginia marketplace!


    You can rely on our experienced retail security pros to play a vital role in maintaining order, diffusing conflicts, deterring potential thieves, preventing vandalism, and ensuring the safety of customers and staff. Customer conflicts can disrupt operations and create an unsafe environment, so we’re there to keep things under control. We’ll also implement loss prevention strategies to protect merchandise from theft and enforce store policies for a high-functioning, profitable retail environment. Your customers will feel safe and secure at all times in your establishment.


    Security services are crucial for industrial locations, like factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and construction sites. Our trained staff is ready to protect your valuable assets, prevent theft, ensure safety compliance and respond to emergencies. We provide security services that safeguard your people and assets, enhance risk management, and support operational security.

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    We are focused on providing elite security services. You’ll enjoy personal connections with our managers to address any concerns immediately.

    Ironwatch Security’s team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Northern Virginia are highly trained in security best practices and have more than a decade of experience.

    Ironwatch Security offers customized security solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, from offices to retail locations to residential complexes.

    Ironwatch Security has a stellar reputation in the industry for providing high-quality services and a proven track record of success in Northern Virginia.

    Our firm uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure maximum security for you – and keeps you up to date with any incidents that occur on your property.

    Ironwatch Security offers flexible security options, such as on-site guards, mobile patrols and remote monitoring.

    Ironwatch Security maintains open communication lines with our clients, so we address your concerns in a timely and efficient manner. Unlike larger companies, our management team is always available via phone and email. We’ll personally meet with you to ensure we’re providing quality security guard services in Northern Virginia.

    Ironwatch Security places a high priority on customer service. We assign a dedicated account manager to ensure we meet your needs and keep you up to date. 

    Ironwatch Security offers competitive, budget-aware pricing for our security services, making us an affordable and reliable option for commercial and residential clients.

    Your team was attentive and prompt. I couldn't be happier with the service from beginning to end and I look forward to working with you on this project in the future.
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